BDQ: The Art of Québec Cartoonists

BDQ: The Art of Québec Cartoonists

Comic Book Art in Québec

Until December 3rd, 2018

This exhibition presents the artists and artisans of Québec comics, proving that Québec has talented representatives in the world of the 9th art. The exhibition details the creative process of a comic – scripting, graphics research, layout, inking, etc. – and the different techniques used. Visitors discover that Québec comics have no need to envy the European or American ones!

Cartoonist partners of the exhibition: Jimmy Beaulieu, Jean-François Bergeron (Djief), Iris Boudreau, Delaf et Dubuc, Tristan Demers, Jean-Paul Eid, Philippe Girard, Réal Godbout, Thierry Labrosse, Jacques Lamontagne, François Lapierre, Stéphanie Leduc, Samatha Leriche-Gionet (Boum), Mario Malouin, Mikaël, François Miville-Deschênes, Michel Rabagliati, Julie Rocheleau, Denis Rodier, Yves Rodier, Daniel Shelton, VoRo, Zviane.


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Photos: Daniel Jalbert and Éric Lajeunesse