Bone and Word Games

The Alain Landry's sculptures

Until September 17,  2017

Admire 40 Alain Landry's sculptures made with hare bones and black spruce moss. His sculptures present amusing scenes from daily life.

Originally from Pointe-Parent (Natashquan), Landry lived for several years in Sept-Îles, where he started carving wood in 1990. He then devoted himself seriously to this technique when he went back to his native village. His father, whom he used as a model, made sculptures and paintings in his spare time. Landry says, “I remember one evening that after a meal of hare, he had taken the bones of its spine and pointed out to us that they looked like little dogs. I figured that if we can make sculptures with caribou, moose, and even cod bones…why not with hare bones too?”

Thus, in the early 2000s, he began to make small hare bone sculptures. By spending time examining all the bones one by one, he came to find a place of honour and a specific meaning for each of them.

Landry worked movement into his sculptures as well. At first, his characters seemed rigid, but as his skills progressed, he made them evolve; he added accessories, making his sculptures more lively, bigger, and more realistic.

His sculptures are inspired by scenes that marked his childhood and stories that his father used to tell. As Landry says, “Each character has an open mouth because he has something to say!”